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    Summer is absolutely the best time of year to let your hair shine. The long evenings and the days spent at the beach really bring out the natural highlights and make you feel like you’re on holiday. That gorgeous sun can be a little harsh on your hair, so we’ve put some tips together to help you protect your locks.


    What does summer do to your hair?


    We already mentioned the highlights, and we love them. But there are some other effects that can leave your hair feeling a little st

  • Spring/Summer hair styles 2017

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    The hottest hair trends for the Spring/Summer season 2017! This season is all about women’s empowerment - think sleek power styles and braids any way you like them. If you’re looking for styles with a little more body we’ve got you covered. Short styles and shaggy 70s and 80s waves are setting catwalks on fire.


    Slicked back beauty


    Don’t be afraid to use plenty of product this season. some of the hottest styles we’re seeing are wet-look, slicked back styles with blunt ends.

  • Latest bridal hairstyles for 2017

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    You must be so excited! Your big day is coming and we know you want to have everything just perfect - and that includes your hair! Your dress will be beautiful, so let’s examine this year’s hottest bridal hair trends to see which one will make you the perfect bride!


    Top Knot Bun


    If you want the crowd to say ‘wow’ then look no further than the Queenly top knot bun! Don’t be shy - this style is deliberately bold and beautiful. Gather your hair up using a donut hairpiece and

  • 10 Celebrity Hairstyles that never go out of fashion

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    Pixie Cut


    Halle Berry can do no wrong with her gorgeous pixie cut. She works layers into the style to give it body and movement, even with such short hair. We love it! Play with our texturing products to get the look you love.


    Sleek style


    Take a leaf out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s book and wear your hair long and sleek. It’s an easy style to maintain which is a bonus on those busy days. Part it straight down the middle to keep the look modern and fresh.


  • Celebrity Inspired stylish hairstyles for race day

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    If you've been attending or watching one of the biggest racing week's of the year at Cheltenham you may have noticed some beautiful outfits, hairstyles and hats on show. If you're visiting a big race event like Cheltenham this year, here are a few tips on the styles you can try. Some of our favourite celebs have been spotted in the stands and we couldn’t help but take a look and steal some inspiration.


    Equestrian chic


    Zara Tindall was leading the way for the up do th

  • Latest Celebrity hairstyle roundup

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    There must be something in the air. Some of our favourite stars are rocking hot new looks and we think they look amazing. Kristen Stewart has taken it all off, while Nicki Minaj has gone the opposite direction with ankle length extensions. Katy Perry is showing off a style we’ve seen before and Caroline Flack is looking hotter than ever. Let’s take a look at these trendsetting styles.


    Kristen Stewart


    With the upcoming release of her new film Personal Shopper, Kristen St

  • Best hairstyles at the 2017 Oscars

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    This year’s Oscars really blew us away with that mix up at the finale, but there was no mixing up these fantastic hairstyles! The variation on the red carpet absolutely blew us away, from tightly cropped pixie cuts to classic waves to out there afros. Let’s take a look at some of the best.


    Emma Stone


    Emma won Best Actress and looked every bit the leading lady with her classic soft waves. Her natural auburn sheen complemented everything about the nude ensemble. A side swept fring

  • Innovative New Hair Dye: A New Look for Every Environment

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    Ask anyone who colours their hair how often they have changed their hue. For some of us, it’s seasonal. With others, it’s because Katy Perry is rocking that shade. And there are those of us who do it just because we can.

    The message is the same: we don’t necessarily want the same colour day in and day out. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your hair could change with the weather? Or whether you’re indoors or outdoors? Look out- it just might be possible now.

    The Unseen has developed a hair dye that is a lite

  • Best of BAFTA night hairstyles

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    All the glam and glamour of the BAFTA awards are enough to make you wonder if you can get a slice of it in your life. Let’s chat about the best BAFTA hairstyles of 2017, who wore them and how to get the look for yourself.


    Emma Stone


    Emma's dress was stunningly detailed, so she kept her hair sleek and simple with a semi up-do. This silky look was achieved by brushing until totally smooth, then straightening any unruly waves. Part the hair down the side and secure the top section us

  • This Valentine’s harness your senses to feel & look amazing


    Our five senses, shape the way we appreciate the world around us. They can also be used to maintain a healthy inner balance, keep us fit and make us happy. Here’s how…

    1. Sight
      Look at the space around you with fresh eyes. Surround yourself with things that are precious to you whether it’s nature, images or décor. Adorn your home with candles and inspirational art or simply buy yourself a bunch of flowers. And declutter…being in an envir

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