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Christian has been hairdressing for 13 years and has won a host of awards, including being ranked 8th in world for 3 years running. During this time, he has worked both in the UK and internationally with celebrity stylists such as Gok Wan. As an ambassador for N&W, Christian believes that the brand mirrors how he creates hair. He describes the range as being simplified but strong, and likes how it consistently delivers results. He also likes the distinctive packaging design and the way it creates a strong retail presence on the shelf.

What's your favourite product?

FORM sculpting lotion: It helps you create so much. As a hairdresser, our job is often to change people’s image and this is an invaluable product that allows me to do just that. I look at it like scaffolding in a bottle.

What is your top styling tip?

It’s not about the first 20 minutes; it’s often the last 10 the make all the difference. That final attention to detail is what will maintain the look. Also, don’t be afraid to practice and get involved with product. Don’t worry about application either; it’s how you blow-dry it that counts. Mix and match products together, and try new things. Hair styling is all about trial and error, so don’t be scared and stick to same thing. Above all, feel free to experiment with you hair.

Christian Howling Styling Tip
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