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step 1

Step 1

Begin by washing hair with RITUAL Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner to untangle and moisturise in preparation for styling. Towel dry, then apply a generous amount of ELEVATE Volumising Lotion and GUARD Heat Protection Spray while hair is still damp.


step 2

Step 2

Dry using a hairdryer, then divide hair into large sections and softly curl the mid-sections using a curling wand.



step 3

Step 3

Find the hair’s middle parting with a comb and tie up one half of the hair with a bobble.

For the plait, split the remaining piece of hair in half and hold a section in each hand. Use an index finger to extract a small piece of hair from one section, then pass the outer piece of hair to the inner and repeat on the opposite side. Continue until the braid is complete, then tie hair with a bobble. Untie the other half of hair and repeat the process until all hair has been plaited.

Divine Curls Step 4

Step 4

Finish by gently pulling small sections of hair to make the braid appear loose. For an even softer finish, tease a few strands out of the plait. Finish with a generous spritz of CONTROL Flexible Styling Spray and GLOW Super Shine Spray to keep hair looking gorgeous all day long.


Top tip

Don’t worry if the braids aren’t perfectly even – messy hair is in this season.