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Seasonal Sleek


Seasonal Sleek Step 1

Step 1

Prepare by washing hair with AMPLIFY Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner for a gorgeous, glossy lift.



Seasonal Sleek Step 2

Step 2

Towel dry. While damp, apply a generous amount of UPLIFT Volumising Mist and ENHANCE Volumising Mousse for an additional boost, then blow dry.


Seasonal Sleek Step 3

Step 3

Once dry, spray freely with GUARD Heat Protection Spray. Separate hair into small-to-medium sections, then curl using a curling wand and comb through with fingers.



Seasonal Sleek Step 4

Step 4

Backcomb near the roots for extra body and lift. Finish by applying VELVET Nourishing Hair Oil and FIX Hold and Shine Spray.


Top Tip

If you find curling wands difficult to use, plait hair then straighten over the top to create a similar effect.